Naomi Lawson Jacobs

I’m Naomi. I’m a disabled PhD researcher.

I have almost finished a PhD in sociology and religion, focusing on disability and Christianity. This has included interviews with over thirty disabled Christians and case study work with three church projects, to explore the experiences of disabled Christians in the (Protestant) churches in the UK. I am relating this to the theories and theologies of disability used in and by churches, and where these might come from.

This blog includes reflection on my research, and considers some of the issues that come up along the way, as they relate to disability, religion, and research.

In my career history, I’ve been a teacher in the Further Education sector and an associate lecturer in sociology. I am also a Disability Equality Trainer, and I deliver disability equality training in educational, business and religious settings.

I am disabled myself. I live in London with one cat and one human. I am always coveting a newer, shinier mobility aid.

Please feel free to contact me via twitter at @naomi_jacobs.

17 comments on “Naomi Lawson Jacobs

  1. Hello Naomi,
    I’m Grace Davis, I work for Reflections radio, a programme about faith and disability which is broadcast by Premier Christian Radio and RNIB Connect Radio. The show is owned by Torch Trust, an East Midlands-based Christian charity for people with sight loss. Your work sounds very interesting and I think our listeners would absolutely love to hear about what you’re doing and your findings so far. Would you perhaps be interested in being interviewed for our show?
    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Naomi, hope all is well with you. This is a brilliant blog and I would be keen to speak with you about some of the issues you addressed it in further. Is there an email address or a way for me to contact you?



  3. Hi Naomi, interesting to land up here. I have recently completed a Masters thesis on the experiences of people with disabilities in (christian) faith communities, from a social work perspective. I did it in a district of South Africa. I’ll read more of you blogs and get back to you. I now head up a project in South Africa to help churches becoming more disability inclusive – see if you want. Success with your studies.

  4. Hi Naomi
    My name is Kay Morgan-Gurr, I also live in the East Midlands. I’m a disability consultant specialising in Children, but being a disabled person myself, I often speak about adult issues.
    Would be good to chat – not about anything in particular, just to talk to a like minded person!
    Blessings x

  5. Hi Naomi! I’m also a PhD student, working on some semi-similar things. Found you through a google search about Jesus’ healings and disability studies. 🙂 My current chapter is looking for interpretive threads/differences/nuances in how people interpret the healing activity of Jesus when coming from a disability studies perspective. Anyway, just thought maybe we could share resources! I have a few books, but I’m sure there are a few more that haven’t crossed my radar on the topic! Anyway, just saying hi – didn’t see another way to contact you (email) but you’re welcome to email me if you have some book thoughts, etc. I’d be happy to share any I have too. 🙂

    • Hi Bethany – thanks for the comment! Great to ‘meet’ someone else working on a similar subject. I’d love to share ideas. I can’t find your e-mail address in my comments for some reason, but feel free to e-mail me at naomijacobs10 at gmail dot com – I’d love to hear mroe about what you’re working on.

  6. Hi Naomi – I see that great minds think alike and I am interested in info forwarded via TBoB contact group regarding the Garthwaite article. Unable to access it online due to costs but wondered if you could please contact me in the hope that we can share research info. please?

    My research began following a bogus assessment by Atos, then ended up in ongoing research for past two years now feeding into front-line charities, welfare organisations and disability

    Mo Stewart
    Disabled veteran (WRAF)
    Retired health professional

  7. As a religious anthropologist, I cannot help but be interested in your studies of Christianity. However, I especially wanted to express how AWESOME and otherwise underrepresented social studies of disability are. Great job. Carry on. You mentioned on my site that you were interested in ethnography, so lemme know if I can help.

    — Ashkuff | | How to venture out of “armchair” scholarship, and into action? One anthropologist tackles occultism, violence, and more! He gets spooked and roughed up a lot.

  8. Great Guardian article on hidden disability. We hear a lot from disabled transport users who have trouble getting priority seats on tube, people assume they’re nondisabled because they don’t have an obvious missing leg or guide dog. And with Blue Badges too: disabled people who look ‘normal’ getting glares from people who assume they are using the Blue Badge to park fraudulently!

    Hope you enjoy your new house


    Lianna Etkind

    Campaigns and Outreach Co-ordinator

    Transport for All

    336 Brixton Road.


    SW9 7AA

    Tel: 0207 737 2339

    Fax: 0207 737 2231

    Follow us on Twitter! @transportforall

    Sign our petition for safe and staffed Underground stations

  9. hi Naomi. I got here through The Immanent Frame comment you left recently. You’ve given me some good ideas for my own blog. Thanks.

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