9 comments on “Neuroqueering Academia! Conference Accessibility – Pt 1: Neurodiversity

  1. I think this is a great article – it is really well-considered and gets right to the point of some of the aspects of oppression inherent in academic experiences for neurodivergent people. Thanks

  2. I really don’t know who you are talking about when you refer to a ‘speaker’, but this is a really offensive use of a slur that has been used to harm my community for ages. And ‘neuroqueer’ is already a word a few neurodivergent LGBT+ people use for themselves. I strongly implore you to find a different word for this concept, even if you’ve heard another person use it.

      • The link you provided does nothing to change the problems behind your use of the word. Not once in your post do you mention how this necessarily relates to you being gay, or talk about accessibility in academia for disabled people whom are also LGBT+. You just talked about making academia more accessible in general when you talked about ‘neuroqueering’ academia.

        This use strips the violent context of the slur completely from the community it targets. Even if you are able to reclaim this slur yourself, using the slur in a fashion that doesn’t specifically address LGBT+ people is still appropriative. You also completely ignore LGBT+ people who have a completely different relationship to this word.

        The link didn’t help much. There were several times on that blog that ‘neuroqueer’ was indeed acknowledged as an intersection of queerness and neurodivergence. However, they were inconsistent in that several parts of their definitions were inclusive to cisgender heterosexuals, making their use often just as appropriative. A link to a blog is hardly evidence of a ‘well-established use’ either.

        Also, I am a bi agender person whom is also autistic with plenty of other neurodivergences, and I don’t appreciate you identity-dumping on me under the assumption that I will change my mind.

        Don’t get me wrong: I agree with so much of what you wrote and I have the same experiences with many different conferences I have attended. I simply cannot condone such of inappropriate use for a violent slur, and I’m sure you could find a way to express what you wrote entirely without the necessity of using such a word completely out of cultural context.

        • I am feeling incredibly attacked here. I will change the word ‘speaker’ for ‘presenter’, but it is a word, not just a slur. I never identity dumped, don’t know quite what that means, and generally feel that you’re not believing that I’m autistic. I no longer with to discuss this, thank you.

          • Read what I wrote again later then. I did not attack you. The only thing I did was criticize the use of a word many find harmful. You talked several times in this same post about constructive criticism for the conference, and that is what I provided for your post.

            There is no reason to believe I don’t think you’re autistic. I am autistic, and I stated that I have the same experiences at conferences quite clearly. (I even acknowledged you being autistic when I said “I am also autistic.”) My stance is to always believe people when they tell me they are disabled anyway. All I told you was that I cannot support your use of a word outside of its cultural context because it hurts me and other people like us.

            I no longer wish to discuss this either, especially if you have no intention of considering the actual content of my comments. I’ve fully expressed my issues with that particular word in my previous two comments. Perhaps what I didn’t express clearly with my ‘identity-dumping’ comment was that you being gay and autistic simply did not change any of my criticism.

            I will not reply further either. Have a lovely day.

  3. I’m looking forward to more of this series! You make a lot of practical suggestions, and I hope the organizers are able to take some of them into account.

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