13 comments on “The Missing People

  1. I did my MA on the church’s attitude to mental health – would be happy to share my experiences within a charismatic church. Also both my own and others experiences. Please email me for further info in case I miss a reply on here 😄

  2. If you are still in need of any extra people, I’m a Christian and I jsednto work for a.church so I could give you some insight on what the church is.like as an employer as far as mental health goes.

    • This time around, my research only relates to people who attend churches personally, not for employment reasons. But I’ll keep you in mind for future research. Thank you!

  3. I’m working as a MH volunteer in our Church. I was diagnosed about six years ago with complex MH issues & qualify for Severe Disability payments even under the Tories!! I have been outside the church for a number of years due to intolerant attitudes towards my perceived ‘weaknesses’ before it had an official ‘label’, so have seen church attitudes & ideas about Christians with Mental Health issues from both outside and inside the church. I now actively blog and have started working for my local NHS Trust as an ‘Expert by Experience’ & have been asked to come back to my treatment team as a Service User Consultant. I would be really interested in helping you with this research by telling you may story! Alma

  4. Hey,
    How can I get involved?
    I’ve been out of church for 2 years, and only just started going back to church.

    I definitely think that mental health, and how churches can help people, is really important to be looked into, especially with funding cuts.

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