2 comments on “Theory in Practice: Disability studies journal article about recent government and media representations of disability

  1. Good post, Naomi and I believe Garthwaite’s argument about the re-structuring who is and who isn’t ‘deserving’ of welfare can be taken further.

    I would argue the ‘medicalisation’ of disabled people’s lives is being matched by an attempt to establish a ‘new common sense’ around “acceptable” and “unacceptable” impairments and illnesses – drug addiction and drink related illnesses are the latest to come under the ‘public gaze’ via statements from the Minister of Disabled People, Maria Miller, and the Tory press. The use of non-specific labels such as “vulnerable” are also part of the political discourse to make “disabled people” vanish from the public gaze and into the hands of the charities – just like the moral panics were used in the Victorian era to achieve a similar aim.

  2. Interesting stuff, and given the likely lead time on publication, the stuff about dividing us over conditions unworthy of support is positively prophetic.

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